Markku Juntti

Prof. Markku Juntti


Markku Juntti (Fellow, IEEE) received his his Dr.Sc. (EE) degree from University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland in 1997. Dr. Juntti was with University of Oulu in 1992–98. In academic year 1994–95, he was a Visiting Scholar at Rice University, Houston, Texas. In 1999–2000, he was a Senior Specialist with Nokia Networks. Dr. Juntti has been a Professor of Communications Engineering since 2000 at University of Oulu, Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), where he also serves as Leader of CWC – Radio Technologies Research Unit which leads the Finnish 6G Flagship program. His research interests include signal processing for wireless networks as well as communication and information theory. Dr. Juntti is also an Adjunct Professor at Rice University.


Title:6G Wireless System Technologies Evolving for the Societies and People


Abstract: Future societies will be increasingly data driven. A key enabler for that is the enabled by near-instant, unlimited and trustworthy wireless connectivity. However, 6G systems will more than connectivity. Although new technologies enable future 6G solutions and services, 6G calls for changes in the value chains involved with the mobile wireless community. Customer, infrastructure, and spectrum ownership must be reformulated to make future services widespread and enable the construction of context-dependent services in many vertical application areas. Our vision for 2030 is a data-driven, sustainable future society enabled by near-instant and unlimited wireless connectivity. 6G Flagship is the world’s first 6G research program, a global leader in 5G adoption, and a preferred research partner in 6G development. We promote high-quality 6G research to create future know-how and sustainable solutions for society’s needs in the 2030s. We operate under the University of Oulu, which also funds us together with the Academy of Finland. The goal of 6G Flagship is to create the essential 6G technological components, the tools, and the equipment to build a 6G Test Network, develop chosen vertical applications for 6G to accelerate societal digitization and continue to be a recognized vision leader. 6G Flagship has four strategic research areas: Wireless Connectivity, Devices and Circuit Technology, Distributed Intelligence, and Services and Applications. In this keynote, I will introduce 6G Flagship mission and research. I will also discuss the 6G system sustainability targets and challenges in achieving the coverage to the unconnected in the third world countries.