PNDC Workshop in Communications and Cyber Security for Smart Grids:

PNDC will host the second virtual workshop on Smart Grid communications inside the IEEE International Conference on Smart Applications, Communications and Networking (SmartNets 2022).  The workshop will be an industry-centred event featuring the latest communications and cyber security challenges and promises in smart grid applications and utility sector.  The local workshop will include top-level speakers at the technical leading edge and will include livestreamed informative talks on new generation applications, cyber secuirty and current 5G interests for critical infrastructure to the PNDC members and IEEE SmartNets participants around the world.

The workshop aims to bring together the utility operators, academic institutions, industry associations, and regulators along with the technology and telecoms providers to talk about the latest challenges in the Communications and cyber security for critical infrastructure and help shaping the future of technologies.

The PNDC is actively working in the latest communication technologies in the energy sectors such as 5G/LTE, Virtualisation, MPLS hitless, IoT and the latest cyber security techniques). The efforts and research additivities aim to ensure that any solution not only able to deliver secure, robust and reliable services but also  open the door to better monitoring and building a more resilient and sustainable power network.

The workshop topics will cover the challenges that face the utility sector and the modernisation of the grid. The following areas will be considered:

·       Improving security to decrease the risk and threats within the power sector

·       IOT for smart grid applications

·       4G/5G networks in power utilities

·       Boosting connectivity to support more end applications

·       Ensuring resilient telecommunications to mitigate the effects of any disruptive challenge

·       Enhancing the availability of comms technology in the hard to reach areas

·       Investigating the spectrum requirement to manage and operate the electricity grid


Full Programme and Agenda:

The PNDC workshop on Smart Grid communications will be held virtually on Thursday the 1st  of December 2022. The workshop will feature presentations and discussions from industry, academic and government presenters. The complete agenda and its sessions will be shared shortly.


Organizing Committee:

Workshop chairs

·       James Irvine, University of Strathclyde, UK

·       Kinan Ghanem, PNDC, UK

Publicity and marketing chair

·       Steven Forbes, PNDC, UK